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Buying a phone from Russia Cards is fast, easy, and secure. Follow the simple steps outlined below and you will be calling Russia or any other country you wish in a matter of minutes.

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Find the best rate for your destination. Select the country you wish to call.
For your convenience here are the current lowest rates on international calls to Russia. Note that you get even a lower rate on calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg:

Find a card that suits your needs

After you pick your calling destination you will be presented with a list of cards to choose from. Consider your needs. Do you call frequently and use up minutes fast? Then you should pick a phone card with a lowest rate that might have a maintenance fee. Do you call only once in a while? Get a calling card that has a slightly higher rate but no maintenance fees. More about selecting a phone card.
You may follow the following shortcuts to get to the phone card listings to these destinations in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, or other Russian cities and towns. Rates to cell phones in Russia have a separate listing: calls to Russian mobile phones.

Purchase your phone card instantly

You may use a credit card to make your online purchase. PayPal is also accepted if you would rather not use a credit card. Our site does not have access to your credit card or PayPal information. In case of a credit card purchase, your transaction is completed via VeriSign, the leader in online purchases. We only receive an instant notification from VeriSign that your payment went through. Same thing with PayPal transactions, we are only notified if the payment has been made. No other data is transmitted to us.
Read more about the safety and security of your transactions.

Receive your dialing instructions and PIN immediately

After your secure purchase is complete your are presented with complete instructions on how to use your phone card. The instructions include all the necessary information you will need to make a call, including the access numbers and PIN. Most cards have a toll free and local access numbers.
The instructions will appear on your computer screen and will be available for your viewing any time in your account. They will also be e-mailed to you.

Start using your phone card any time

Your phone card will have basic directions on how to make international and domestic long distance calls. For more detailed information on making calls to Russia please refer to our Russian calling info portal.